Women's Crisis Center
Vipingo, Kenya
Mission Trips

Preparing For The Trip

Our 10 day or 2 week trips to Kenya are not construction trips. We go to build relationships, learn and to share love with others; trip mates and Kenyans.


Pre-trip meetings are held to plan our specific activities and to learn about Kenyan culture, how to pack, what to pack, and show you what to expect.

​An extensive trip travel guide to walk you through the process both here at home to prepare to go and once we get there - what to expect.

After the Trip


One follow up meeting after the trip to see how you are adjusting back at home is required. Sometimes the trip home is the hardest. After seeing things you have never seen and not having a lot of people around you that have experienced it either, we have one mandatory follow up call/meeting to see how you are adjusting and Carrie is always available.

Itinerary for Mombasa, Kenya Trip

Upcoming Trips to Mombasa

October 20-30, 2017
Music focused trip

May 2018 Women's Leadership Development Trip

October 2018 Trip

May 2019 Story Writing/Gathering Trip

Contact us to schedule

​​General idea of what we do – love the people of Kenya, especially the teachers and kids. We visit orphanages, schools, and boys homes and more. We bring small vacation bible school type activities with us to do. (See sample itinerary below.)

Day 1 - 3: Travel
Midnight/early morning arrival in Mombasa.
Day 3
•Crossroads Church Service –10:30
•Vipingo Women's Bible Study  
•Wanna Wa Mola Boys Home Jewelry Activity
•Nakkumat (Walmart) - Supplies

Day 4
•AM - Injili Primary School (See High School)  
•PM - Vipingo Primary School fully supported by Fox River Christian Church
•Village Service Project
•Play with kids recess
•Feed kids lunch
•Orphanage (on same property)

Date Options

Can work with you on dates that work with your time frames. Non summer travel significantly cheaper. June, July, and August are most expensive flights generally.


Trips are $1,156 for 6 people traveling, plus airfare, travel insurance, and Visa. Cost rises if less than 6 people travel.
Day 5
•Peter and Selpher - Baby Life Rescue Orphanage
•Bomani Primary School and Woman's Bible Study
•Possible Kenyan cooking lesson from Anne
•Shanzu Girl Guides - Bag souvenirs


Prices range from $770-$2,500 depending on time of year traveling. Average airfare for the last few years has been $1,400. The cheapest time to book tickets is usually right after New Year's.
Day 6: South Coast
•Tiwi Primary School
•Kids singing
•Flag pole
•Walking into the village
•Visit the medical facility here on the property
•Have fun with the kids!
•Encourage the teachers!


Help with fundraising ideas for the trip is available as well. Learn More
Day 7: South Coast
•Tuamaini Preschool
•Tami and Patrick - Encourage Australians doing various mission work

Day 8
•Safari overnight
•Closing devotional

Day 9
•Safari Return
Note: After the first ten days the trip becomes- returning to the spots and attending business type meetings to see how some of the missions run behind the scenes.
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