Women's Crisis Center
Vipingo, Kenya
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Carrie Reichartz
Carrie Reichartz enjoyed her first profession as a practicing attorney, where she was named a “Raising Star Lawyer” by Milwaukee Magazine until she found her life’s work and passion on a mission trip to Kenya that changed her life forever.

Because of her own personal experiences with trauma, she knew she wanted to do something to change people's reality. She wanted to "give a voice" to women in particular who had suffered emotional trauma and she also wanted to help fight systemic poverty. When she returned to the U.S., she started a business and quickly found success due to her drive and energy. She went on to also establish two nonprofits, to further her life’s goals.
Through Infinitely More…, she also speaks at organizations and in schools around Southeastern Wisconsin to help people recognize and acknowledge their life traumas, work through them, and turn them into triumphs in their lives.

Attorney, Educator and more
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