Women's Crisis Center
Vipingo, Kenya
Our Purpose & Objectives
Women's Crisis Center
You are alone, hungry, without shelter. Kicked out of your home and school with no one to care for you, forced to do whatever it takes to survive (often sex trafficking) because there are no other options to feed yourself and your unborn baby. Prenatal care is not even a thought, you are left abandoned by your family and society.

This is what life is like for a majority of girls in Kenya when they find out they are pregnant. This leads to an extremely high numbers of abortions (including late term), babies left on the side of the road to fend for themselves in hopes that someone will find them, while others are hidden to avoid prosecution and left to die, cold and alone. 
Vipingo, Kenya
We strive to provide spiritual, psychological, and social counseling, shelter, food, healthcare, and/or build income capacity through education and life skills training for girls/women in crisis pregnancies and before.

Services Provided

We take already approved curriculum into schools and teach the kids about sexuality, pregnancy, STD’s, health care options, safe haven statutes and places, adoption, contraceptive methods and a lot more. The curriculum is Biblical-based and was written by Kenya Youth for Christ. Volunteers and trained teachers facilitate these lessons.
Getting the girls proper education. We will be doing what is needed to support the girls if they are able to get back into school. If the girls are not able to catch up for whatever reason, we provide training on English, in various accounting and other business necessities and a trade skill of their choosing to make a living.
 This is the counseling phase of the work. If a girl shows up at our door pregnant, we will take her in if there is space available. We provide health care, food, shelter and make every attempt to counsel all parties involved. The counseling provided is Biblically based and provided for girls that are staying at the center; we also help with health care as funds allow. 
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House of Hope
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Current Needs

  1. $10,000
    Water at the project
  2. $70,000
  3. $7,500
  4. $650
    Crisis center pregnancy center volunteer training for May 2018.

Summary Of Need

Land and Buildings

We have land in Vipingo, Kenya behind a large school, Rescue Center, Church, and Bible College campus we have there. We have started construction of the security wall on that location.

We hope to have girls in the center by 2018. Monthly support: 3 sponsors per girl one for vocational school $100/month, one for housing $100/month, and one for counseling $100/month.  Babies will be supported at $100/month.

• 1 in every 39 women in Kenya die from pregnancy related causes
• 13,000 Kenyan girls drop out of school every year due to pregnancy
• Girls are more afraid of carrying a pregnancy full term and contracting HIV/AIDS, as they will still have help and counseling if contacted with the disease
• Over 300,000 abortions occur in Kenya each year

73% of abortions are occurring in girls 20-34
16% are occurring in girls under 20
40% of women dying due to abortion are under 20

UNICEF, and a read of the daily papers in Kenya, show the infant mortality rate is extremely high and from 1990 through 2008, were on the rise. Almost all babies are found on the side of the road, in a bush or a pit latrine. Baby abandonment is a huge problem in Kenya.
Carrie and volunteer holding Kenyan baby
In Conclusion
We have a very strong program that is urgently needed, especially in Mombasa, Kenya. We have the property, willingness, passion and heart to do the work. We have raised tens of thousands of dollars toward the project and anticipate continuing and increasing those efforts. 

Your help is needed in contributing to the ongoing monthly support of the girls staying at the center; including health care as funds allow. Your donation will make a huge difference in the world and in the lives of mothers and their children.